The Top 10 Mass Gaining Diet Foods

Protein-FoodsProper nutrition can help you build more muscle mass with a less strenuous training regime. Eating the right foods in the long-term will also help you to maintain your perfect physique. So with that in mind, here are the top 10 mass-gaining diet foods.

1) Lean Beef

No food does more for mass gaining than lean beef. It is absolutely packed with the essentials you need for muscle growth. For example, three ounces of lean beef contains under 150 calories but is high in ten different types of nutrient. This includes B vitamins, iron and zinc. Lean beef is also a high quality source of protein, and contains amino acids that help to facilitate muscle growth.

2) Chicken

Chicken is another excellent source of protein, but it should be eaten without the skin (which is highly calorific). Incorporating more chicken into your diet will provide your body with almost everything it needs for cellular repair, good bone health and a well-maintained weight.

3) Eggs

Eggs are low calorie, but they are high in protein and essential amino acids. Eggs are also one of the most soluble forms of vitamin D – typically, this essential vitamin is only easily absorbed through sunlight and not through food.

4) Cottage Cheese

Many people would be surprised how good cottage cheese is for you! It is a slow digesting protein, which makes it an ideal food for maintaining muscle mass. Another benefit is it is a rich source of calcium and vitamin B12.

5) Whey Protein

Anyone who is passionate about body building will not be surprised to see that whey protein is one of the top 10 mass gaining diet foods. After all, it is the most popular bodybuilding supplement. However, anyone can benefit from whey protein after a work out.

6) Oatmeal

Oatmeal has a low glycemic index value and is minimally processed, which makes it a very health source of carbs. It also increases satiety and decreases hunger, making you less likely to indulge in unhealthy snacks that could ruin your mass-building plan.

7) Fish

Fish such as tuna is high in protein but low in fat. But the main reason that it is a good mass gaining diet food is that many types of fish are high in omega-3. This makes the metabolism more efficient, thereby improving fat loss.

8) Whole Grains

A healthy diet should always contain whole grains as they are digested more effectively than refined grains. Many whole grains are also critical for encouraging the growth of lean muscle.

9) Vegetables And Fruit

Fruit and vegetables contain antioxidants and a whole host of nutrients. Try to incorporate as many different colors of vegetables and fruit into your diet as possible, to get the widest range of nutrients.

10) Healthy Fats

Not all fats are bad, and good fats are necessary for muscle growth. Good sources include fish, leafy green vegetables, nuts, avocado and seeds.

Understanding good nutrition can help you gain mass with less exertion.

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